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Regulations & Entries

We want to engage as much varied local talent as possible - but within limits....Therefore, we need to make sure drivers are safe & respecting of others - contact is not acceptable. Equally, cars need to be saloon, coupe or convertible based - no sports prototypes or Caterfield type cars please.

Contact us before registering or entering so we can approve you and your car as suitable for Snetterton Saloons.

Some Basics :

Class S  TCR & Invitational / Special

Class A                      3,401cc +

Class B     2,501cc to 3,400cc

Class C     1,801cc to 2,500cc

Class D     1,501cc to 1,800cc

Engines , Chassis, Drivetrains, Transmissions : Must Comply with Blue Book

Tyres : Slick/Race Wets or Treaded (Slick/Race Wet tyres up one Class)

Forced Induction : cc multiplier x 1.50

4WD : cc multiplier x 1.20

Rotary engines : cc multiplier x 1.80

2 valves/cylinder & diesel cars : cc multiplier x 0.80

All cc multipliers apply cumulatively

e.g : 1,350 cc turbo 4wd car on slicks = 1,350 x 1.5 x 1.2  = 2,430cc + up one class = Class B

TSL verified previous lap times and car weights may also be used for classifying

Classes are guidance only and each car/driver may be classed at the discretion of the organisers

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